R.I.P Nipsey Hussle: Conspiracy Theories and Black People

Nipsey Hussle died this weekend. The shit hurt  my heart and I don’t even know that man … and I’ve never been the type to get wrapped up in celebrity shit beyond the entertainment value. 

But this one hurt. 

We all watched as people gathered in the streets. 

We watched as the police arrested the suspect. 

And some of us watched the footage of this monster shooting and kicking this man as he lay on the ground clinging for life (I’ll address y’all in a later blog). 

But what we all also watched was the conspiracy theories that popped up about this being a government assassination.

Many pointed to the reported documentary about Dr. Sebi Nipsey was making. Some pointed to his efforts in his community to empower the disenfranchised. 

And idk if I believe anything on either side. 

What I’m here to explain is why black folk are always here for a conspiracy theory as opposed to what we’re being told. 

Think about this: 

If you’re an 80s baby, you were lied to by omission about the basic, surface levels of the history of African Americans in school. 

Think about those who were born in the 50s, 60s and beyond who watched as lynchings and church bombings (fucking babies were killed tf) were carried out with reckless abandon with no arrests because they couldn’t “identify a suspect”. Fast forward 30 – 40 years and they identified an old man as the culprit; an old man that they are now deeming to fragile for prison. *insert side eye

Think about Emmet Till who supposedly whistled as a white woman, only to have that same woman admit recently that she lied. 

How about the fact that as a well educated woman who excelled in honors classes throughout her life, attended a private college and graduated with honors, it wasn’t until well after college that I learned what Black Wall Street was. Let alone the subsequent bombing and complete destruction of a self sufficient community by “OUR” government forces.   

Shit, imagine being told your entire life that the religions your ancestors practiced were evil; associated with nefarious entities, only to find out that shit was a lie too. (Shout our to the Orishas!)

Not to mention, the convenient assassination of every black leader who has amassed enough of a following to actually effectuate change. 

Whether it was Pac in the 90s through his music;

MLK through this ability I speak and move crowds with his methods;

Huey P. Newton and the Black Panther Party through their militant action and ability to organize; 

They all have conveniently ended up on the wrong side of a bullet. 

These are things that have happened, not only in my lifetime, but in the lifetimes of those who came before me. 

So pardon my people if they’re skeptical about the assassination of such an influential figure — who most people never heard of because of his music, but due to his philanthropic efforts. 

It’s just a hard sell to tell people that history doesn’t repeat itself. 

Regardless of what side of the coin you fall on,  you have to admit that given American history, this man’s untimely demise definitely falls within the lines of the lies we’ve been fed. 

So as you scroll through social media and find yourself becoming critical of some people’s reactions … 

I’m not telling you to suspend logic and facts …

I’m just asking you to not be so hard on the people who hold true to their experiences with the bullshit we’ve encountered as a community. 

Until next time, folks,

As always, 

Love and light,


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5 thoughts on “R.I.P Nipsey Hussle: Conspiracy Theories and Black People

    1. Exactly! I can’t say at this time whether I agree or not because I don’t have enough information, but it’s certainly plausible and I think people have to understand that before they condemn the possibility.

  1. I Myself Once Was Active,Did Extensive Time,I Know The Streets,The Politics Of Informants Working Closely With Authorities And Others In Government Position,I Will Let It Be Known As I First Said Within Hours Of The Brothers Assassination,This Was A Political Hit,No Conspiracy There,But The Blueprint Of A Rat Playing His Position. I’ve Heard All The Theories Of Making Nipsey A Target Because Of Sebi Documentary,But The Brother Was So Much More And Was Taking A Revolutionary Approach Toward Economics For The Community And The Industry As A Whole.He Will Be Surely Missed,But His Spirit Sparked Flames,Just Watch!

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