Yeah, I said it.


Because as I scrolled through my timeline this past weekend, all I saw was people doing the absolute most on this Profoundly app.

For those who are as clueless as I was a few days ago, Profoundly is an app you can embed into your Facebook profile that allows your Facebook friends to say things to you anonymously.

That’s right, it’s a solicitation for strangers to say what they want to you under the veil of secrecy.

It’s like shaderoom comments on steroids … and boy oh boy did things get interesting.

While there are many ways in which social media is the exact opposite of what happens in real life, there are many more times when it’s holding the mirror right in our punk ass faces …

And never more have I been convinced of this than I was as I scrolled over the weekend and watched everyone playing this game.

You see, it started innocently enough with gems like this …


Then, things started heating up with a few of these …


And by Sunday night, all there were a ton of these …

So, we’re going to do what we do best here and unpack this phenomenon with me in three short points … because I know we all like bullet points … because they’re quick … and convenient … and great for toilet reading LOL

So, boom …

  • Is there no limit to how far folks will go to make money?

I’m smart enough to know the answer to this already. I mean, take a cold, hard look around us at all of the people who do ANYTHING to make money *ahem, reality TV stars

But damn people!

I’m also aware of one of the basic rules of business that tell us to find something for which there is a market and provide a service. But it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out that letting people on an already questionable platform say anonymous things to people is a recipe for moral disaster.

The developers of this app should be ashamed of themselves, but I’m sure they’re laying around making angels in piles of money like Scrooge McDuck. So it’s just a friendly reminder to all of us to be more aware of the things we’re buying into and the lack of fucks those profiting off of it give.



  • You have to take the concept of protecting your peace seriously.

This one is short and sweet, but I’m going to say it louder for the people in the back. YOU HAVE TO PROTECT YOUR PEACE AT ALL COSTS! PERIODT! No one else can do that for you, but you. The real world is mean enough to all of us for various reasons. The last thing we should be doing is giving strangers an open platform to comment on our lives and looks.


And last but not least, SOME OF Y’ALL PUSSY!

I saw people saying horrible things to each other …

People describing the inside of people’s houses as proof that they slept with their spouse on their “pink linen bedspread …

People telling other’s they were going to inflict bodily harm on them …

And more innocently, people professing love …

And to me these are all coward moves!

You have something to say to someone?

Say it.

Feeling that froggy that you want to throat punch someone?

Do it!

Want to shoot your shot?

Shoot it!

But all of this hiding behind the internet to release your true feelings about things is bullshit. Speak your piece, say what you mean, and stand ten toes down in that shit.

Good, bad, or ugly!

And if you don’t feel comfortable doing that, with your allegedly grown ass, maybe it’s time you put down the phone and engaged with real human beings in the real world and learn some social and conflict resolution skills.


Ok, rant over …

Because even though this app had me PROFOUNDLY annoyed,

It also reminded me of how hard it is sometimes to be honest and truthful,

But also how much we owe it to ourselves and the people around us,

To live and walk bravely and proudly in that space.

BUT I don’t know about you,

But I have too many other things to do,

Than to carry the burden of untruth.

Until next time, folks,


Love and Light,


TheLady Writes

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