Go Shawty, It’s Your Birthday!

Tomorrow is my 32nd birthday. I can’t believe a made it this far.

I know that may seem to be a bit … I don’t know … pessimistic, strange, or lacking forward thought to some, but it’s honest.

Instead of a big party or a crazy night, I’ve opted for a more of the introspective journey. I mean, hell, since I’ve made it this far I think it’s time to start exploring everything I can … including myself.

Life’s short, that’s no secret.  What seems to be a secret to some are answers to questions like:

Who am I?


What makes me truly happy?

So I’ve been shaking up my thoughts to see what falls out.

I’m not really sure what the purpose of my blog should be, I just know I like to write.

For me it’s like the cool menthol of a cigarette to a smoker; the chilling breeze off a snowy mountain to a skier;  a mid-day nap to an overworked mother of three; a leggy prostitute to a politician.

I can create whatever I want in my mind and have it leak out onto paper (or at least the blinking cursor on my computer monitor).

Instead of concentrating on the hustle and bustle of making money, paying bills, and trying to win first place in the rat race, it’s time to do the things that matter to me.

And one of those things is sharing myself and my thoughts with others.

I tried to do the spoken word thing several times before, but it wasn’t for me (at that time in my life anyways). I felt naked. But the words still swirl in my head and I need somewhere for them to go. So here they are … welcome to the insides of my mind. 

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