I Want that Jay-Z and Beyonce Kind of Love?

menstefYou want love like Jay-Z and Beyonce?

Barack and Michelle?

Will and Jada?

D. Wade and Gabby? ß Ok, well maybe not so much anymore since the whole so-called “on break baby” issue.

What about having love like you and your partner?

It’s difficult for me to understand why an adult would want the life of another.

What the hell’s wrong with your life that someone else’s seems to appealing? And if you really think it’s that bad, why aren’t you investing your time into fixing it instead of longing to be some stranger?

Sure, private jets are nice. And traveling around the world with the one you love doesn’t sound like a bad idea.

But you don’t know Beyonce. And you damn sure don’t know Barack. I mean no disrespect at all, but what if he’s really an asshole? What if he’s one of those people that’s so concerned with how things look to other people that he strips his partner of her individuality? What if Beyonce so obsessed with herself that she won’t let you see her without make up or what if she likes to shit with the door open?

Of course, I’m not saying any of this is true, but that’s the point … you don’t know. I am not Michelle or Jada or any of these women and I don’t want my mate to be Will or Jay or any of these men.

I like who we are. Well, I like who I am and he’s OK when I don’t feel like punching him in the back of his head .LOL But I like our kind of love.

I love our crazy, stupid, illuminating, sometimes embarrassing, occasionally rocky, stinkin’, I love you because you’re you love. I don’t want a love like anyone else’s because this one belongs to us.

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