Tick, Tock! Is Your Relationship Clock Out of Time?

Photo Credit: Scienceofrelationships.com

Have you ever loved someone you knew wasn’t good for you?

Have you ever known a relationship wouldn’t end well for whatever reason, but you still held on?

If you haven’t had this experience, you should consider yourself either very smart or very lucky.

Since luck has always seemed to lose me in a crowd and my smarts were generally confined to all things book related, let’s just say I’ve had a time or two in my life where I’ve been there.

Whether you’ve been the victim of a master manipulator or just knowingly involved yourself with a person of ill-intentions, the stinging effects of their “love” can be lasting.

Years ago, I involved myself with a relationship that I knew from the first second would end disastrously.

And it did.

But despite it all, I still consider it to be one of my greatest loves.

Am I a little sick and twisted? Yes. (But what fun would life be if I wasn’t.)

But I digress … as usual …

The point is is that there are some people in your life that are literally supposed to be there for a season.


And when that season is over,

whether the clock is ticking by your hand  or an outside force,

you change clothes and move on!


The trick is, however, knowing when to call it quits.


And that isn’t anything anyone else can tell you.


I’ve never been the one to have all the answers … I just have a lot of questions …

But if you’re currently in this situation, maybe you should ask yourself, “has the clock run out?”


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