The Worst Dream Ever!

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I had a nightmare last night …

I was broke;

My job sucked;

My children hated me;

My husband left;

The lights got turned off;

My parents had passed on;

My sisters were fighting;

I was sick … really sick;

And I was alone.

And I was afraid.

But what made it even more frightening was that I didn’t DO anything.

I just laid there … wallowing in my misery. I laid there in the dark and allowed the sickness of my body, mind, and circumstances to change who I was and the things I told myself I was able to do.

And then I died.

And that sucked.

But then I woke up.

And I’m still broke.

My job still kind of sucks.

My kids fight each other, but they still think I’m pretty cool.

My parents are still here and they’re pretty cool (OK, well 75% of the time at least).

My sisters are doing well.

I’m not sick (that I know of *knock on wood).

And I’m alone … at least until the kids wake up.

But I’m not afraid.

And while it’s inevitable that I will die one day, I now know that despite my circumstances, I must be happy and I must DO.

Happy Wednesday, Folks!


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