The LadyWrites82 is FALLING OFF!

I fell off y’all.

I’ve been crazy busy and I fell off.

And what I’ve learned during these last 14 days that I failed to grace you with my presence …

is that I need y’all just as much as y’all need … well at least enjoy hearing from me.

You see, I let the stresses of being a grown up take me away from what I WANT to do. I let it trick me into thinking I didn’t want to do this … at least until I was finished with what I had on my plate for this year.

And that’s how I fell off.

For the last 14 days, I’ve been stressing over how I’m going to get Christmas done for the kids. Hell, stressing over doing my absolute best to be a great mom so the amount of time my kids spend on a therapists couch over things I do is minimal. LOL

I also decided to pursue a professional certification. I mean, I have to secure that 9-to-5 bag too, after all. But it’s kicking my ass.

I’m also gearing up to apply for a writing program (hopefully, there will be much more on that soon).

Then there’s my business plan for 2019 …

and I’m working full time …

and I’m still playing Picasso in the late night hours …

and I’m trying to balance relationships …

making a concerted effort to get my fluffy ass on the treadmill for 30 minutes a day …

trying …

and …

failing …

and …

succeeding …

(sometimes) …

at being an adult.

Shit, I’m out of breath just thinking about it all.

But while I was so busy running, I momentarily forgot about one of the things I enjoy. And that’s purging the lessons I learned in the week with you all. Preparing for this blog starts long before my keys touch the keyboard. I take my time figuring out what to write, putting things into perspective, and trying to make it as cohesive of a thought as I possibly can.

And while I thought I was taking time to get my shit together outside of this space, my shit was kind of falling apart without this space. (Clearly not earth shattering magnitude, but I would hope by now, you get my flair for dramatics.)

So what did I learn this week?

That sometimes, it’s OK to be just where you are, even if that means taking your eyes off the prize for a bit.

And sometimes, what you think is a distraction, could actually be one of your biggest allies.

Now let me log off, so I can study for this test. LOL

Oh, and SUPER HUGE shouts to everyone that hit me during the last few weeks asking me about the blog. I probably talked your ear off about my adulthood induced stresses and I ‘preciate ya for listening.

Until NEXT WEDNESDAY, folks!

Love and Light,



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You miss me when I’m gone?

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