Bringing in the New Year Unhappy?!

8E8381D0-D54E-4FDA-9122-82AD05AE3583.jpegI had a hell of a year! 

I completed a development program. 

Applied for some grants. 

Made a lot of art (who would have thunk it).

Got this blog up and running. 

And just passed the first part of a 3 part exam, which was one of the hardest things I’ve done in a long time. 

And you know the weird part, I still don’t feel satisfied. I mean, I’m tired af, but I’m not satisfied. And I’m having a hard time celebrating my successes. 

Because I know I’m not done.

I have so much more ahead of me to get where I want to be. 

And even though I’m out here putting in work and taking steps. I’m still not happy. 

And just like every other blog … it dawned on me that if I’m thinking this way, some of you may be too. 

So I decided ^^ right up there. To turn this from a woe is me I’m not happy pity party, into a look at all the dope shit I did this year fiesta! 

You see, a long time ago, back in my young and tender days of undergrad, I was complaining to my mom about this very same thing. I remember saying to her, “I can’t wait until I graduate so I can do blah blah and blah.” 

And she told me that I shouldn’t wait for anything to be happy; that if I do that, I’ll be waiting forever because there is always going to be another step, another mountain, another hurdle. 

So here I am reminding myself of this conversation and taking a look at myself and my outlook on things and making the decision to take some time out to celebrate the things I’ve done. Not just in merely WRITING the words, but really LIVING them. 

And as usual, I’m hoping you can learn something …


from me learning something…

and remember take some time out to celebrate yourself this New Year. 


Until next time, folks!


Love and Light,




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