“Fuck Men!” … but … “I Love Him!”

Writer’s Note: Before we go into this discussion, let me just say this first: MEN ARE NOT EVIL! (trust me, I gave birth to one) … but the way we socialize them in this world can make them pretty shitty – at the least  on the mild end – and dangerous on the severe. So … Continue reading “Fuck Men!” … but … “I Love Him!”

Peace Begins Where Expectations End

We spend a lot of time fighting against things that will never change. Why? Simply because we have hard time managing our expectations. More specifically, it's the expectations we have of other people WHEN IT’S BEEN REPEATEDLY DEMONSTRATED THAT THEY DON’T WANT TO OR ARE INCAPABLE OF MEETING THEM. I can’t count how many times … Continue reading Peace Begins Where Expectations End

On Some Girl GANG, GANG Shyt!

We all know that we’re born alone and die alone, so while it’s not an outright necessity, it does help to have a gang of girlfriends behind you to help cheer you on. I mean how could you not get a much needed ego boost from a well-placed “yass, sis”; Or a good old “Come … Continue reading On Some Girl GANG, GANG Shyt!

F*&$ IT! I’m an “Angry Black Woman”

You see, black women are arguably the most educated group in the US … but are definitely the most undervalued.

Our Babies are Watching … But What are We Showing Them?

Our babies are watching And some of our babies are lost. And this lost ass world is eating our lost ass babies, as our other babies watch. Let me take a few steps back, so you can follow my thought process on how I got here. I remember, many years ago, telling my mom I … Continue reading Our Babies are Watching … But What are We Showing Them?

Love and Hip Hop!!!

If you thought I was talking about the TV show … HA HA! I got ya ass LOL! What I’m talking about is the realization I came to that I’m in love with a genre of music that doesn’t necessarily love me back sometimes. Now, I’m not saying I’m going to throw the whole thing … Continue reading Love and Hip Hop!!!

Getting My &*#@ Together Series: Self-Care 101

Whatever you decide to do, make sure you’re doing it because you want to. This is YOUR TIME and because we don’t get a lot of it, it’s important that you enjoy yourself and give yourself time to recharge.

Getting My &*#@ Together Series: I DON’T WANT NO SMOKE

I’ve been smoking for 20 years and I have to quit. THERE … I said it! And I’m the kind of person who doesn’t make public announcements unless I mean it. But it’s going to be hard!!!!!! Nicotine (I’ll refer to her as Nicki – a nod to Logic – from this point on) and … Continue reading Getting My &*#@ Together Series: I DON’T WANT NO SMOKE

Getting My &*#@ Together Series: Boss Up, But Relax, Bihh — YOU HAVE EVERYTHING YOU NEED!

But I think this procrastination; this lack of motivation; the excuses for why we can’t do the things we want are just lies we’re telling ourselves because we’re afraid. We’re afraid of our potential, afraid of not being successful, falling on our faces, looking stupid in front of other people.

Getting My &*#@ Together Series: Hi! My Name is Erin and I’m Judgmental AF

I can be judgmental af. And I don’t want to be … So I’m working on it. And if you’re anything like me I think you should too. So let’s consider this session of Getting my &*#@ Together, a Judger’s Anonymous meeting of sorts. I’ll see someone with face tattoos and label them a bum; … Continue reading Getting My &*#@ Together Series: Hi! My Name is Erin and I’m Judgmental AF