Thankful AF! My Family Ain’t Shit

My family ain’t shit!

And while they’re now all here thanks to that sentence up there …

Let’s talk about why.

My mother is flawed, just like every other human being, but she her advice is flawless with and end goal of pushing me to be better … better than I am today … better than she is. Our conversations (often several hours long) always make everything ok, like she’s still kissing my skinned knees.

My father has struggled with some things in the past … shit, occasionally he still struggles. But through his victories and defeats, he taught me what a man is; good, bad, and ugly. Hell, he taught me what being human is: this multi-faceted, deeply layered being. And he’s 60 plus and still trucking, so shout out to those genes.

My oldest sister doesn’t listen to anything anyone ever has to say. It’s annoying AF. But it’s also goals AF. She’s responsible for teaching me how to march unapologetically to my own drum … and to do that shit with glitter and multi-colored (yet coordinated) banners of F you hanging from my outfit.

My middle sister feels everything deeply … such a gift and a curse at times. But I call her my morale compass. Whenever I think about doing something questionable, I literally ask myself, “what would big sis do?” She’s always striving to make sure things are fair, equitable. She more generous than I could ever be (I’m the baby, so I’m stingy.), but I try.

My kids are … well as I type this, baby girl is telling on my son because he “spent like 2 seconds in the shower” and he’s screaming that she’s lying.

Ok, I’m back. I had to break up that fight. LOL

Each of them have a little piece of my personality. That’s probably why they hate each other. But despite the fights, the bickering, and tattle telling, they teach me something new every day … especially patience. LOL

Last, but certainly not least, my beautiful niece and handsome nephew. I can gush about them until the cows come home. But they’re also both very spoiled. *insert face palm * But they’re my babies. I’ve had the privilege of watching them grow up … from Barbie’s and Play-Do to Sew-ins and Boyfriends … from Power Rangers and toy cars to college and careers … and it’s one of the most amazing experiences. I feel flattered that they actually still like me LOL and if you catch my niece in a vulnerable moment, she’ll still lay in your lap and doze off.

Now, I’m not going to get into the reasons why I ain’t shit. I mean, I think y’all get the point by now. But the gag is …

They love me anyway.

I mean who else would put up with my shit for this long?


And I love them.

And for that I’m thankful AF.

I know so many people who aren’t close with their families.

And that makes me sad for them.

But it also helps me recognize my blessings because my shitty ass family will be gathered around the table tomorrow … and my shitty ass will be right there with them.

So regardless of who or what your family consists of … even if you have come to be your own family (ahem, never forget that YOU ARE ENOUGH), take a few minutes tomorrow …

Between the ham and cornbread …

After the stuffing and yams …

Rightttttt in between the mac n cheese.

And be thankful!

Until next time, folks!


Love and Light,



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