Don’t Let ‘Em Kill Your Vibe

It was a wild week, yall!

I finished last week’s blog;

Posted it;

Did a little meditation;

Centered myself;

Listened to some vibey ass tunes on the way to work.

I was in a good space …

A really good space …

I was primed, ready, and centered.

And then …

I let someone knock me out of balance … for just a bit.

I’m not sure if I was more annoyed that I was yanked out of my focused zen space or because I absolutely cannot stand a petty, verbal kerfuffle.


BUT despite peace stealing (or should I say surrendering) and undesirable bickering, I am actually proud of myself.

I am proud of myself because I had an issue with something, I said it, and even when the person didn’t agree with me, I was able to say “I SAID WHAT I SAID” without actually using my NeNe Leakes voice.

*pats self on the back.

Y’all should have seen me! I was bobbing and weaving the attempts to make me lose my cool and jabbing back with clear communication and patience.

I was like Roy Jones in his prime!

I was like Thanos snapping away the negativity!

I was like a mofo’in king of communication … a King Kong of polite clap backs … a legend of listening to understand!

(Yeah, you’re going to sit with me while I continue to dramatically pat myself on the back.)

But overabundance of self-appreciation aside, I also learned a few things.

Like to hear them? Here they go:


I’m nowhere where I want to be at this point just yet. But I was able to see my own growth in real time. Erin circa 1999 would have completely spazzed out. Erin circa 2009 would have done her best to manage the situation, but the level of pissedoffness (yes, I made up another word) would have made my collar too hot. But BABYEEEE, this seasoned, vintage Erin didn’t do either of those things and she was able to find words to articulate how she felt. But I’ll spare you more of me hyping myself up about this one.


I swear, every time I feel like I’m making progress in my personal development, the universe jumps out of the bushes screaming, “Oh, yeah. You good? Now hold this!?”

And commences to sprinkling some BS into my life.

And that’s cool. Well it’s not really cool, but there’s nothing I can do about it, so I have to just roll with it. Focusing is important, but learning how to refocus when you’re knocked off balance is perhaps more important.

The phrase shit happens, isn’t a saying for nothing.

Because it does … and when I does … you have to get it back together and keep pushing forward.


Simply put, you can’t control how people receive things.

Whoooo Chillay!!

When I tell you I thought I was abundantly clear with the message I tried to convey; the intent; the purpose. The person receiving the message heard something completely different.

At first it confused me, so I explained it again … and again … and again, thinking to myself, “If I just say it in a different way, maybe they’ll understand.”

But then it began to frustrate me.

And once I sorted through that, I realized that a) people see and perceive things through their own lens which is colored by their life experiences and b) sometimes, people don’t really give af what you’re saying because they are already convinced of what they think you mean.

But guess what, fam …

Neither of these things are my problem.

So here I am again, writing this blog.

And in a few minutes, I’m going to post it.

Then I’m going to meditate a little, listen to some vibey ass tunes on the way to work, and be and do my best to stay in a good space.

Because I’m primed, centered, and ready.

And I’m really digging this chick I’m becoming.


Until next time, folks,

Practice your polite clap backs

In between aligning your chakras

Love and Light,



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