I’m a Fat Chick

I’m fat. 

Maybe not fat af. 

But I definitely have to buy new jeans every few months because my thighs rubbing together thins the fabric. 

And I definitely make sure my bra sits far enough on my back to keep my back fat contained … 

And I definitely have to push my boobs down to shave … well, you get the point.  

Did those sentences make you uncomfortable? Make you feel like I was attempting to be self deprecating? 

Nine times out of ten, they did. And therein lies the problem. 

Because “fat” is not a bad word. 

It’s an adjective; a word used to describe a particular aesthetic. 

That’s it and that’s all. 

It is us that assigns a negative context to the word. 

And I’m going to need it to stop … like now.

Because yes, I’m fat, but I’m also smart …

I’m pretty af (yeah, I said it) …

… I’m tough … I’m strong (my pr for deadlifts is 150 lbs.) … I’m a great mom … a capable provider … ambitious af … kind (we’ll, mostly lol) … a great communicator … and can draw on the best damn eyebrows this side of the Mississippi (thank my parents for my lack of upper facial hair). 

And I bet there are a host of other adjectives that can be used to describe you too!

So why tf do we put so much weight (you like that pun, huh) on THIS particular adjective?

Think about the last funeral you went to. 

The program talked about that person’s life; their accomplishments; their family. 

Even if they had to bury the deceased in a coffin the size of a Buick, never once did it mention that they were fat. 


Because A. It’s not important and B. See A. 

Now I’m not urging anyone to ignore or neglect their health, by any means. 

What I’m saying is that we shouldn’t allow this small, three letter word to feel like a punch in the gut … or love handles … or that little flabby part of your arm. 

Because when the chips are down and all is said and done, if the worst thing someone has to say about you is that you’re fat, I’d say you’re winning. 

So until next time folks, 

Get your ass on that treadmill because it’s good for your heart, 

But don’t get your ass on that treadmill solely because someone lacks the creativity to come up with a proper insult. 

Love and Light, 


What did you say?

You miss me when I’m gone?

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